Google’s Nest Wifi Pro is a real improvement  over its predecessor

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introduction Google’s Nest Wifi Pro

Now-a-days all small and big famliy all use the internet and everyone has their own choice whether it is small or big of the family like mother has the choice of playing her drama and small children gaming or watching cartoons, for this we have to choose our own There is a need of some good internet in the house which can provide good speed to our internet.

That’s why today we are going to talk about such a Wi-Fi which helps you to make it easy to manage along with faster speed

The device I want to talk about is Google’s Wi-Fi Nest Pro It is much better than other wifiNest Wifi Pro
is designed to continuously analyze your network performance and optimize your connection to keep
it fast and avoid congestion. And it knows to prioritize high-bandwidth activities like video calls and streaming

Google Nest Wifi pro
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There are some devices that we buy but do not know how to use them properly, due to which we are deprived of complete information about that device. But google NEST Wi-fi which is very easy to use
For that, we will first set up your router in a few minutes using the ‘Google Home App’ in our phone, in this app you can completely monitor your network, whether you want to test your net speed or else You can change and share your password
And also continuously scans your nest Wi-fi so that it keeps you informed about your past activities and you will know that there is no outside interference with your network.
Plus we can better manage our kids’ connections. In the app’s Family Wi-Fi settings, you’ll find parental controls such as Wi-Fi scheduling that allows you a simple way to restrict Wi-Fi access and block unsafe content at bedtime or during dinner.

Google Nest Wifi pro

Beautiful and Colour Google Nest Wifi pro

For the last many years, many have been looking at wi fi routers, which are still available in the market with their old look, which are very less liked by people in today’s time.
which are very large in size and their accompanying large antennae reduce their attractiveness.
But if we talk about our ‘NEST Wifi’, it is very different as compared to their design which matches our nature. It is available in four types of colors with natural earth tones – Snow, Linen, Fog and Lemongrass .Built with over 60% recycled materials, it’s a sustainable home networking option

Google Nest Wifi pro

Alternatives that can make your home smarter

Nest WiFi Pro supports many home devices. It can handle high-bandwidth services such as video calls, 4K video, and security camera streaming. A router can cover 2,200 feet.

Nest Wifi Pro includes a wireless network, which allows users to connect smart devices to their home network while saving energy. After the Matter upgrade, you’ll be able to use the Nest WiFi Pro router as a Matter point.
It also manages and connects to Matter’s enabled devices, making it easy to maintain and install future smart home appliances.

Google Nest Wifi Pro Specifications

Smart home connectivityMatter, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), supports higher-power 6 GHz channels
PerformanceWi-Fi 6E, 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard, AXE5400 – combined speeds up to 5.4 Gbps
Automatic Wi-Fi optimization Auto-QoS for video calls and Stadia gaming, Device prioritization, up to 8 hours
CoverageUp to 2200 square feet per router, Scalable and flexible system – add routers for more coverage and Expandable IEEE 802.11s mesh Wi-Fi
Processor and MemoryDual-core 64-bit ARM CPU; 1 GB RAM, 4 GB flash
Security: WPA3 encryption, Automatic security and software updates Family protections, including parental controls
PortsTwo Ethernet ports support 1 Gbps wired speeds per router
ColorsSnow, Fog, Linen, Lemongrass
Sustainability60% recycled materials based on product weight
LanguagesEnglish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
What’s in the box Nest Wifi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E) 1-pack, Router, 22 W power adapter, Ethernet cable (6.5 ft), Quick start guide, Safety and warranty guide
Warranty1-year limited warranty
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It will be available online and in google stores 

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