What does an earthquake mean? What damage was caused by the earthquake in Northern California

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What does an earthquake mean?

An earthquake is a weak and strong shaking of the ground produced by the sudden movement of rocks beneath the earth’s surface. Earthquakes occur at the boundaries of tectonic plates.

What damage was caused by the earthquake in Northern California

By GEORGE AVALOS | gavalos@bayareanewsgroup.com |

today A large earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 seconds off the north coast of California near Eureka on Thursday morning, the US Geological Service reported, .The earthquake occurred at around 2h34 on Tuesday, with the epicenter related to it near Humboldt County, California.”Devido a great earthquake, foram related to generalized damages to roads and residences in all of Humboldt County,” said the Office of the Sheriff of Humboldt County in a tweet.Besides Eureka, the cities of Ferndale and Fortuna are nearby, with base no epicenter related by the Geological Service of the EUA. The popular Humboldt Redwoods State Park is also nearby.

“More than 70,000 customers are without energy since 5h45,” said the Condado de Humboldt Emergency Services Office on its Facebook page.The county agency was not sure when power would be fully restored. A closed hurricane that included a magnitude 4.6 in the town of Rio Dell several miles from the coast also occurred in Humboldt County on Tuesday morning. At least 13 aftershocks were reported by the US Geological Survey within 45 minutes of the initial 6.4 earthquake. The aftershocks were mostly in rural areas to the east of the first earthquake. The ShakeAlert early warning system — operated by the USGS and covering the West Coast — beeps and wakes thousands of Bay Area residents to alert them to an earthquake. the body. The district also warned that they could be shaken, although this does not mean that it will happen. The country’s meteorological service has ruled out a tsunami threat.

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